Rare Finds #1

During the ongoing hibernation period most closely associated with the northern hemisphere’s perpetual freeze-thaw-refreeze, certain items have been sighted throughout the abode.

These objects of curiosity might not generally considered to be of particularly high value; however, they comprise a set of rather unexpected discoveries, more tropical than winter-like in nature, and hence would qualify, in the midst of the Millenial Ice Age, as a collection of geographically and climatologically illogical (let alone incongruous) finds.

I speak, of course, of the unseasonal appearance of the species better known as fructus tropicalis:IMG_8436IMG_8430IMG_8435IMG_8431Indeed, the rarest of these finds have been known to appear (for example, on a fellow gastronome’s plate just the other evening), in all their tropical splendor, even while snowflakes fall gently outside…

IMG_8408IMG_8409IMG_8414An odd find indeed: The Mighty, Hairy, Prickly, Juicy Rambutan. With eyes closed, I can almost see a bunch hanging from the trees outside, ripe and ready for picking…


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