Rare Finds #2

When you embark on an underground archaeological excavation in the thick of a deep freeze, there’s no telling what surprising artifacts you may discover. Even if the dig takes place indoors; and even if you previously believed to comprehend the significance of objects and felt close to the persons who amassed the artifacts, there is always a chance that you will continue, for some time, to stumble upon and seek to slowly unravel an even more mysterious past.

For the record…

Exhibit A IMG_8473

Exhibit B

IMG_8483Exhibit C

IMG_8479Exhibit D

IMG_8481Exhibit E

IMG_8475Exhibit F

IMG_8477Exhibit G

IMG_8474Exhibit H

IMG_8480Exhibit I

IMG_8484Exhibit J


Skipping ahead, past some objects which might better be described as tchotckes, we continue towards the end of the alphabet, arriving finally at:

Exhibit S: Surprisingly Sharp Scissors.

IMG_8486This particularly pointy artifact is such a marvel of metalwork, that it has a tendency to distract some observers with its precision and elegance… thereby leading to potentially reckless behavior and risky results – including, finally, an annoying detour, while braving tundra-like conditions, to a filled-to-capacity emergency clinic.

Voila. I give you Exhibit Z: End of the Dig. (For now)



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