A Timely Epiphany

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” (Frank Clark)


While walking to the organic market this morning, I had an epiphany.

Let’s call it Plan F.

Since the outset of my decision and campaign, I’ve been so focused and intent on modeling my Camino journey after the solo travel ‘n trekking method I’d reveled in during my pre-accident travels around Asia, that I blocked out other possibilities.

It was self-evident that I would undertake the Camino much the same way; off the beaten track, my own way, my own pace, away from the throngs and multitudes.

I tend to shirk from large crowds, resist most opportunities to follow a pack and in general find it anathema to my creative, independent- and explorer-spirit to join a organized tour group.

OK, fine. I won’t change who I am at heart any time soon.

But it dawned on me this morning that it was time to make an exception… for so many reasons!

First of all, and I know this well: I need help. What better way to find assistance than walking on a path that is known for its crowds of pilgrims, its facilities, its two-way ‘communication network,’ and its closely-spaced lodging?

As it happens, even those weren’t reasons enough for me to opt for the most popular route.

I can be stubborn. (Mules still welcome to apply!)

But what DOES make it crucial that I follow the MOST popular, crowded and well-trodden & traveled route, is something that even a novice marketer will tell you: If you want to get a message out there, you need to know where the biggest crowds are, and go right there.

And so, if a large part of my goal is to raise awareness about Invisible Injuries, Illnesses and Impairments, really… is there any better route to take than the main one, the Camino Frances?

I think not!

Still thinking of joining me? If so, you’ll likely find me wandering somewhere along the Frances. If you’d rather not, then please support me, my campaign… and my epiphany 😉

With thanks, love and humility…

x Amit

p.s. maybe someone will want to drag a wagon behind me, filled with my gear & yoga mat?!



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