Island Girl

Nearly one month ago, I traded in my tropical island life for a temporary return to life on my original island… in the northern hemisphere. It was time to reconnect with my roots, family roots that is; parents, sisters, brothers-in-law and niblings; friends I’ve not seen in ages, as well as my bank manager, accountant and cranio-sacral osteopath. I’ve also fit in a massage, an initial consult with a Rolfer, and obtaining a spanking new e-Passport.

My ‘northern’ adventure begaIMG_4022n, auspiciously enough, on the night of the last full moon (what I’ve come to refer to as Purnama.. the bahasa word), when I flew through the night and morning skies in full view of that brilliant celestial globe. It was nothing short of magical, to slide open the window shade and come face to face with an orb at all hours of night & day.IMG_4025

Then, a day-long stopover at Schiphol gave me an opportunity to stroll for hours (interspersed with hours of rest), window-shop, people-watch, and then.. I was curious to stumble across, probably for the first time in my traveling life, an airport library! Then, lo and behold, here’s what I found…yet more proof that the Camino calls & awaits πŸ˜‰

And then, touchdown. Which launched a thousand moments: reunions, and family trips (whale-watching galore and an alpaca farm!), an epic garage sale, kids with gadgets (with the occasional struggle to extricate a teenager from inside her iPhone), house repairs, volleyball practice, karate black belt-in-training sequences, board games, soccer games, the pool, late-night laughs, bagelslox&creamcheese (yes Virginia, that IS a grammatically acceptable word in our family), a beach at the edge of the city, construction sites (and the resulting detours) all over the place, food food food & still more food. Oh, and the joy of Free Hugs!

The northern island journey continues, with a preference for real time over virtual time. So, for now, voila: a visual nutshell of the foregoing:


North, south, east or west, wherever I may perambulate, I believe that an Island Girl I will remain.. heart & soul.


  1. How exciting! Good to have you back Amit. I’m awaiting your next journey with great impatience, I can’t wait to hear all about it and follow you on your amazing pilgrimage xxx

    1. Thanks Lottie! Wish I could still see you in Bali.. but I guess my post wasn’t clear.. I’m still in the northern hemisphere πŸ˜‰ Will head to Spain and the Camino from here… are you SURE you don’t want to join me for part of the trail?! It’s not that far from your soon-to-be stomping grounds!

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