A Snail’s Surprise

Just for today, I wanted to share an update I posted to my Indiegogo Camino Campaign webpage.. it was too wondrous an experience NOT to share! (with more photos here!)

AJ pix July2 027rev

Dear friends around the world,

This afternoon, I suddenly just stopped everything; doing, eating, walking, emailing, writing, stretching and campaigning. Something vastly more important came up… everything ground to a halt because I saw a snail. And I love snails.

AJ pix July2 021rev

I stopped right in my tracks on the terrace outside my room when I saw the stagnant snail. Was it dead, I first wondered? I knelt by its side, and tapped its shell ever so lightly (are you there?). No response. But, then, as if in non-verbal response to my knocking, it suddenly came to life, wiggled around a bit, and out from its end (front? backside?) spilled forth a pearly-white barley-sized pod.

I crouched down closer. What is that, I asked out loud to no one in particular. Moments later, another one rolled out. Then, minutes later, another. And another. Six in total. What was this, a pretty pearly-poo party?

AJ pix July2 023rev

This demanded a quick fix of Googling. AHA! The snail was laying eggs. In full view, for me to watch, gaze, stare at, and WONDER… An exquisite life-giving display was unfolding right in front of my eyes.

AJ pix July2 029rev

You might be wondering why I’m sharing this experience with you on my campaign page update, what’s the connection? Well, in a nutshell, here’s why:

I promise to walk the Camino as mindfully, watchfully, curiously,  gratefully, patiently, in awe and wonder, stopping to either smell the flowers, watch animals giving birth (or women?!). Whenever possible, I’ll write and photograph about that part of the journey too… another reason for me to walk at a (ahem) snail’s pace 😉

I invite you, especially all of you urbanites, to put “observe a snail laying eggs” on your Bucket List. I’m almost certain that you will be in as much awe as I was today.AJ pix July2 031rev

Have you Shared, Liked, Spread, Emailed, Talked about my campaign today? If so, muchas muchas gracias!!

With pearly-white pods of gratitude, love & smiles,

AmitAJ pix July2 033rev


  1. Eggstra-ordinary! I’d be pretty excited too if I’d seen that. I’ve seen the pink eggs of water snails but never witnessed snails actually laying their eggs – wow! 🙂

  2. Ah ….. a message from one ‘caracole’ to another. You need six friends to walk with you. Each one can do ± 135 km and that way it won’t cost them a fortune!

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