Rice Field Reverie

My laptop drama continued yesterday with the following verdict handed down by Ibu Wayan: MATI. Dead. Pitiful groaning ensued. What now? After handing over my external HD, full of hope that they could at least save and transfer my data, I felt wobbly. No laptop, no direct access to my usual way of getting things done, writing, finding photos, connecting all the disparate parts together. The immediacy, the immediate ‘gratification’ of point, click, save, etc… All gone. Poof.

Then, almost in an instant, gratitude flowed in: I have temporary use of THIS laptop – despite its many glitches. I have access to wifi at places around town. I have a beautiful view of the ridge across, the jungle, Mount Agung and sunrise – and an offer to stay at a friend’s guest room for three weeks until I leave. I eat good food, have a roof (albeit leaky in some places) roof over my head, and my camera still works!

IMG_3767And so, early this morning, I headed out and up into the padi that still remain in Penestanan.

Sun liberally sprinkling its warm rays around the flooded fields, newly planted shoots speckling the landscape. I pass a few farmers, in bare feet and hoes, heading to the sawah.

I walk slowly, deliberately, side-stepping but sometimes sliding into muddiness not yet dried up from the torrential downpour of 2 nights ago.IMG_3761

I cautiously navigated myself down narrow paths between field and stream, watching out for passing insects and possibly a snake. After yesterday’s insectarial double-feature (uninvited guests into my shower included: morning = huge scorpion; evening = massive centipede!), I was taking no chances.

IMG_3762I walked in anticipation of the Camino, wondering how I will manage on a path without so many obstacles; will I miss the treacherous sidewalks of Ubud?

Will I revel in miles and miles of unhindered stretches of field, gravel, road, grass?

I walked in peace, joy, solitude and quiet appreciation.. for so much beauty and grace.

After all, and always, gratitude does and must win out.

Thankful, as I am, to all you readers who have also sent me your wishes, prayers, blessings, contributions, LIKES on my Healing Pilgrim Facebook page, and more! For those of you who’d still like to help me out in whatever way possible, please visit my Indiegogo page, and forward it on to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, allies, supporters – and anyone you know who also lives with hidden disabilities, illness, and chronic pain.



  1. Amit, it’s so lovely to hear you speak of gratitude. I was having a little grumble to myself yesterday (about really not very important things) and then I read a story about a french photographer who was captured by the Taliban and spent 3 months in a hole in the ground. Mercifully he managed to escape and eventually got back to France. His words where very moving about how he felt, especially his new found gratitude for even the smallest things. It really made me sit up and think!

    Dear friend, I’m so sorry that I’ve not visited your blog for a while, I’ve been ‘off radar’ for a month but am now back on track. How are your plans going for your great walk? Well I hope. Love Lottie XXX

    1. What a story (about the photographer)! Just sent you an email, wondering what happened to you… plans are moving along, though still much to figure out – and secure myself that much-needed gear-carrying sidekick… want to join me?! ;0)

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