The Camino Campaign: 30-Day Countdown!

Apologies for my hiatus: The other day, my laptop fell into a state of deep REM from which it hasn’t yet awakened – thereby limiting access to all my files, folders, photographs and so much more. 

It may take up to two weeks for the Fix-It guys to determine whether they can even repair my computer. When I heard the news, in light of all that I need to get done, I had a choice: meltdown or laugh. I wisely chose the latter option.

As the Balinese are wont to do, they joined me in what I’d like to think was a display of empathy.

It seems obvious that – in life, as in my Indiegogo Camino Project Campaign – the universe is reminding me that I need to rely on my extensive network of family, friends, travelers, bloggers, explorers, pain sufferers and pilgrims to support me in this part of my journey…so:

PLEASE continue to LIKE my Facebook page (Healing Pilgrim), SHARE my link, SPREAD the word, SHOUT it out at work, play, the acupuncturist’s office, pain support group and the gym.

I can’t express enough gratitude, for all the blessings, prayers, funny and serious messages that continue to appear in my inbox from just about everywhere… including from my fellow WordPressians too 😉

What are you waiting for? The THIRTY DAY COUNTDOWN begins today! Every little bit o’ contribution, message, blessing, prayer and smile gets me a little bit closer to the Camino!


  1. Oh dear, this just happened to my computer too and I lost some of the data on it as I hadn’t backed up everything. But the computer guy said something that was quite beautiful – “Think of it as a fresh start”. A bit simplistic, I know, but it made me feel much better!

  2. My dog got tangled up in my computer cord last night, freaked out and exploded out of the tangled cord… And now the cord won’t plug into the computer. I have 63% battery left and I’m scratching my head as to what to do now!

    I hope your computer, or at least all your files, live!

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