The Book Stork is on her way!

Dear fellow bloggers, family, friends, readers near and far,

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that I walked the Camino de Santiago back in 2013. It was an extraordinary adventure, not without its ups and downs. Although I didn’t blog during the long trek, I shared a story or two afterwards.

If you’ve walked the Camino already – or have been dreaming about it; or if you’re just curious to read about my adventure, the gorgeous nature that entranced me along the way, meaningful or quirky interactions I had with other pilgrims, the physical challenges* and emotional reckonings, I hope you’ll take a minute to watch my video: – and then preorder a copy.

(Un)bound Together is being crowdfunded on Publishizer, and will be shared with publishers once I get enough preorders of my book… in one month’s time. So PLEASE help me reach that goal – by buying one or more copies, and by sharing my campaign widely – so that it can get into the hands of publishers and then… onto many bookstore shelves!

With your support and encouragement, I’m excited to take a giant leap towards getting (Un)bound Together published!

Thanks so much!

* Apropos my (invisible) physical challenges (in-abilities? limitabilities?), what a happy coincidence that the launch of my campaign coincides with the 2018 Seoul Paralympics!


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