What If…

What if just before they set out to do their deadly deed…

One of them got a call from his brother, telling him that his wife had just given birth.

One bumped into a close friend from childhood, who wouldn’t take no for answer when inviting him out to a café.

One found out his little daughter hadn’t slept the last 2 nights because she missed her father.

One looked up at the marquee of a movie theater, saw the title of his favorite movie – and snuck in.

One of them saw an elderly couple holding hands on a bench, reminding him of his own parents back home.

One saw two boys run between cars to catch a soccer ball – and, with his own son in mind, rushed to intercept before they got hurt.

One of them glanced in a shop window just in time to see a necklace that he was sure his girlfriend would love.

And one happened upon a scene with an ambulance, heard a child scream, saw a woman faint – and just plain changed his mind.

What if each one of them had listened to the little spark from their heart instead of bulldozing ahead in fear and hate?

Might any of them bSun&Clouds3een gripped with a fleeting memory of love, affection, care for their family or fellow suffering human being, long enough to have recanted, changed direction, called the whole damn thing off?

Might we have had a chance to avert disaster?


  1. You’re so right…what if….what if some/lots of mothers (and fathers), some/lots of teachers, some/lots of spiritual leaders spoke up just a little more…guided just a little more too….what if…so so sad….

  2. Oh, I’d love to believe that. The hatred that is ingrained into them is so heavy and oppressive, few if any see much past the end of their noses. But I do believe it’s possible to change, it just means all of us need to look inside to see the “what if’s” and apply first to ourselves. Then we can really can change things.

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