Our First Lady of Yoga

One week ago today, the Canadian public (my fellow countrywomen & men) voted in a new Prime Minister. Enter Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party, son of a former P.M., back in the dynasty and driver’s seat, moving back to his childhood home on Ottawa’s Sussex Drive. After Harper’s defeat, and Trudeau’s victory, there was – unexpectedly – much brouhaha over the latter’s childhood, his legendary father’s legacy, his mother’s activism, his brother’s early and untimely death and his agenda.

But I don’t go for politics much these days, in fact not in the past decade or more. Same same, but (not so) different.

Instead, I tend to hone in on the asides, the interesting tidbits that rarely get the spotlight. Ahhh, how pleased was I to find it in Trudeau’s wife, Sophie. Brought up herself in the rarefied atmosphere of Montreal’s elite socialite families (as was her husband), Sophie went to university, became a television reporter, married, birthed three children and became a stay-at-home mother, walking her kids to school.

But, blessedly, there is more: Sophie is an activist as well, supporting charities and advocating for a wide range of issues, including mental health, eating disorders, the plight of aboriginal women (plenty of fodder in Canada) and domestic violence among others.

And this: Sophie, a dedicated Hatha practitioner, is also yoga teacher. A children’s yoga teacher.

First there was Michelle (Obama). She strove to get kids off their butts, get active, move their bodies. Now here’s Sophie, bringing yoga – to kids, into the spotlight, side-by-side with politics (who says yoga and politics don’t mix?!). I say YAY. Yay for yoga. Yay for Sophie.

By her voice and actions, may our own First Lady bring some grace, stillness and calm into the lives of more citizens – kids, certainly, but adults too. And if she should happen to infuse some yogic thinking (mindfulness meditation, ye MPs?)  into the inner chambers of government, so much better.

I can see it now: Peace & Pranayama on Parliament Hill. Why not? Even in politics, anything seems possible…


  1. Amit, I didn’t know all those wonderful things about Sophie! I’m so impressed. Like you, politics isn’t my first love, but I’m always impressed by people who advocate for others. 🙂 Thanks so much for this great info. ~Terri

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