I Did It My Way

Ol’ Blue Eyes (aka Frank Sinatra) made his mark, writing about it first. IMG_6193

Then I spotted his famed title along the Camino last year and sang the tune with Frankie on my mind.

But recently, after vowing to take an e-scooter for a spin on the streets of Tel Aviv, I finally jumped in.. and rode it: My Way.

IMG_2292With many similar models on the market, the MyWay is deemed by many to be the premier electronic/rechargeable scooter. And, at just over USD$2000 (for the basic model), the priciest. Apparently the only model of its kind that’s up to government standards. Designed and built by an Israeli, now exporting to countries around the world.

In English, these e-scooters are referred to as urban transporters. In Hebrew, it’s called a korkinette. A playful-sounding name. The MyWay touts itself as a “revolution in the personal mobility domain.” But, with its hidden strengths and powers, I’d soon enough find out that this revolutionary vehicle is far from being a toy.IMG_2290

Truthfully, my first spin happened at my aunt’s house. Late one night, at family gathering, her son pulled the beast out of the car and carried it into the house: yes, it weighs only 12 kilos, thus for most people – alas, not I – it’s easily transportable. He unhooked, pulled here, pushed there, and in seconds it was rigged up for a ride.

Then, in the parking lot, under the cover IMG_2295of darkness and with few cars in motion, his brothers, a younger cousin and I took turns at the wheels. As I accelerated, it jerked and lunged forward. It took some getting used to. Handling the brakes, the turns. Even getting started; for someone who never rode a skateboard, it’s a novel experience.

When I visited the dealer’s shop a few days later, I asked the manager to demonstrate first. He set out, as many Israelis do, with his ear to the phone and cigarette nearby. He wheeled down the sidewalk at nearly-breakneck speed, forcing pedestrians to jump out of the way, only to break sharply, turn and zoom back towards me. His antics made me cringe; a stark reminder of the urgent need to change this country’s laws regulating modes of transport on sidewalks.

But, as for my slow-paced ride: Oh such a joy… Moving along at a pace slightly faster than walking… and No Seating Required! Hallelujah.. I really did it my way!


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