Hot Wheels

In this, the world-renowned White City, people are on the move.IMG_0377

Young and old alike, marathoners and wheelchair users too, Tel Avivians seem to be eternally in fluid motion.

Like their national history and political climate: constantly in flux.

IMG_1637The year-round subtropical climate helps, but bottom line is that these people live for the outdoors.

And when the living (and arguing and struggling and fighting) gets tough, the tough get going.

Preferably on wheels. One look around: ain’t they hot.

From motorbikes and skateboards, to golf carts and bicycles, un-nameable vehicles built for two or (ummm.. ) too many.IMG_2026

At times, inelegantly so; at others, these people are exquisitely and electrifyingly and progressively ahead of the curve, skirting the bend, steering, swerving, to get ahead.

The birthplace of the now-defunct Better Place electrically-powered, battery-generated vehicle, is also ground zero for groovy electric city-bikes (cycle yourself or glide).

This place in the sun, the land of IMG_0368milk, honey and “Segs in the City” is also one long conveyor belt of electrically-charged exhilaration.

Just Google it and see what you find: It’s not world-known as the hotbed of advanced enterprise and hi-tech for nothing.

So much so, that I’ve just re-prioritized my bucket list, because for reasons that should be abundantly (if not visually and experientially) clear by now, the single most urgently-desired doodad is a personal-mobility-urban-transporter-electric-scooter, preferably seat-less, that goes by the names of Kooper, Trekker or MYWAY.

Stay tuned, a trial e-ride is in the works…

Here it is… the amazing (do I ever want one of these) e-scooter!
So far I've been on one of these...
So far I’ve been on one of these…


Now THIS is the way I want to travel with my partner.. standing up & in style ;)
Now THIS is the way I want to travel with my partner.. standing up & in style 😉



  1. I love the new blog look! And those are some ‘crazy wheels’ you’ve featured in this post. Do they go in the street or are there special paths/roadways to keep them out of the way of cars or people walking?

    1. Makasih 😉 They’re all over the place! I’ve seen them often on the cycle paths along the beach-boardwalk.. and on paths elsewhere.. but the worst is when they invade the sidewalks, zipping around like there are no pedestrians. It can get mighty busy everywhere!

  2. I imagine such a machine (maybe that’s too overpowering a word… utensil?… nope… you might be right with ‘doodad’) would be really convenient, practical, fun, ventilating, etc. Looking forward to your first hand account!

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