Weigh It Forward

Credit: Susan Dayley
Credit: Susan Dayley

Last week, I posted a question on a Camino forum, asking for volunteers to help carry my gear (with the assistance of the formerly-mentioned Carrix). Here’s an excerpt from that posting:

…I can’t personally attach myself to this wonderful trekking invention because I’m unable to carry more than approx. 1/1.5 kg. (due to injuries & pain from an accident).

One young woman, planning her pilgrimage for next year, sweetly posted a reply, sorry she couldn’t help out. Others commented, made alternate suggestions such as relying on transport services, and pointed out the downsides of the cart.

Then came this:

Credit http://www.caminodesantiago.me/

All you need in the day bag is rain gear, snacks, water and perhaps a small first air kit. I am sure the total weight would be less that 2 kg. I assume that you will be wearing a hat, outer wear, and will have your valuables and electronics, etc in belt pouches or pockets. The day bag is large enough for a fleece jacket or jacket as well. In fact, you use the rain gear or jacket / fleece as padding if you need it against your back.


Dear kind sir: it will not help to distribute that bit of hefty weight in different packs, parcels and pockets.

All I need, according to your list, if you did some quick ‘n dirty calculations, would quickly add up to much more than my allowable 1.5 kg.

I don’t even need the weight police to flag me down, pull me aside, fine me and give me a warning; I know my own tolerance and weight-bearing limits – at least I should.

'World's largest backpack' at the Asia Outdoor Trade Show, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China - 24 Jul 2013
‘World’s largest backpack’ at the Asia Outdoor Trade Show, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China – 24 Jul 2013

Ludicrous or unfathomable as it sounds, when it comes to carrying, I will until further notice, qualify only for the light(est)-weight division.

So be it.

Whereas I once – and for many years – carried packs (and boxes, and suitcases, and furniture) that weighed as much and as large as this behemoth, I must now abstain.

Don’t think for a moment that it’s easy for me to do, not when my instinct has always been to pick up, help others, lessen their load.

Learning my own lesson means I will weigh it forward in other ways instead.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I have a similar challenge and am trying to find information about if I can use a hiking cart on the Camin . I cannot put weight on my shoulders due to fx hardware in L1-S1 that affects the nerves in my hips, pelvis groin and heels .I would greatly appreciate any information. Namaste-

    1. Namaste Susan,
      Thanks for writing to me. Sorry to hear about your ‘hardware’ FX…
      I’d be happy to share whatever info that might be helpful.
      Perhaps you could send me an email (or send me yours) and we can communicate further that way.
      Best wishes for a healthy new year. aj

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