Coconuts from Heaven (or Canned)

In a store today, I spied these cans. Many others also. A veritable explosion of coconut- and other tropical-fruit-based drinks have permeated the Western supermarkets, health food stores, vegetarian restaurants, resorts and yoga studios. They are EVERYwhere.IMG_5180IMG_5184IMG_5185IMG_5186It may be that, after ingesting one of these carbonated drinks, I will feel inclined to do the Samba or Solo…

But truthfully, I am so fortunate, and do not take for granted that, where I live, and pretty much anytime I want, I can get as much of The Real Thing as I want:

IMG_3569IMG_3575IMG_3576Amen to jus kelapa muda!

1 Comment

  1. Nothing beats es kopyor (kelapa muda) with a squeeze of lime or calamondin. Here in North Sumatra, it is common to mix es kelapa muda with ripe flesh of soursop fruit. Hmmm… I should go get a big glass! 😀

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