Upside Down in Ubud

IMG_9335Whenever I hang upside down from the ropes during Iyengar class, the world takes on a different hue and perspective – even if my nose is typically within inches of a cream-colored wall and my eyes, unsurprisingly, are mostly closed.

It was like that yesterday, when I turned my head slightly while hanging to see what asana the rest of the class had  shifted into, because I had spaced out for awhile, missing Christine’s instructions. People look likeIMG_5424 colorful bulbous forms, and if you’re in yoga class, they can be observed moving into and out of the strangest-looking, awfully uncomfortable positions.

But it’s an experience that alsoIMG_5423 shifts our ability to quietly observe the minutiae of the world and to notice, in a new and re-framed light, the otherwise mundane, banal, unremarkable qualities of all that surrounds us. IMG_7570

You merely need to step aside, outside or below the everyday, flip your head over and take a look; if vertigo alone doesn’t shift your consciousness and renew your ability to view, then hang around there for a few minutes and notice what you have not seen before. I can almost guarantee that, whether you live down under, up over, west coast or far east, you will see a little slice of the world in a wholly new way.


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