Let It Rain

Wayan prepares to distribute offerings on Odalan

It hasn’t rained in Ubud for at least a couple of weeks or more.

But in the middle of last night, it started to pour. Just for a few minutes. Then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped. I remember because the first thought that seeped into my brain after realization was this: what will happen to the hundreds of offerings that are still piled high in the temple?

Wayan in post-Odalan 'tsunami' mode, wading through piles of used offerings

When I saw Ibu this morning, she asked me with eyes all aglow: When did it rain? For how long? I then asked her, It’s good luck that it rained after Odalan? Yes, she answered in obvious pleasure, during ceremony not so good, but right after ceremony finish very good, we are lucky.

Believe it or not, I’ve heard such accounts enough times since living here that I don’t bat an eye anymore. After living through these types of experiences myself, it’s simply impossible not to believe that, unlike other parts of the world, something magical and mysterious unfolds on this island every day…

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