Spare Parts

It was one of those days. Like a lightning bolt, the stealth pain hit me hard, spiking me like a whip. First slicing through my pubic area, a rush of nasty agony set my left buttock on fire, fine threads of metal skewering the back parts of my left leg.

Insidious as a virus, the pain insists on spreading gnawing tentacles through the lower regions of my body. It insinuates itself in bone, ligament, tendons and fascia.

It was one of those days that I imagined how lovely it would be to unhinge my pelvis and left leg top to bottom. Hang it up on a hook, send it to a replacement-shop, bring it in for an overhaul and fine-tuning. Just for a little while, to get a much-needed dose of relief. Meanwhile, I’d ask for a lender-leg, get my strength back, improve my agility and stop thinking about pain.

Why not?

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