A Day to Remember

It happened one year ago today. A potentially lethal recipe for disaster. These were the ingredients: A steel bridge. A bicycle. A hole too big for comfort, but just big enough. A big fall.

Wait. Pray. Hope.

Then add a smattering of angelic dust. A dash of luck. Mix in a kilo of TLC. Spoon in a dollop of  perseverance. For best survival results, heat and serve on a bed of soft green pillows.

Battambang Railway Bridge, aka the culprit

Today, to mark this one-year anniversary, we walked through a forest and found a bridge.  It was eerily similar to the one I plummeted through in Cambodia; steel, crossbars, over a creek. I walked across with OJ, peered down through the grating to water rushing below, and felt a modicum of relief. I might not choose to traverse a bridge in Asia on a bicycle again, but I’m quite sure I could do it by foot.

As for the holey culprit in Battambang, I’ll cross that bridge again, one day, when I return.

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