Healing Duo

When I started going for therapeutic treatments with Kristina and Nadine (my Toronto chiropractor and CranioSacral Therapist, respectively), it was only the second time that they had attempted to work concurrently. Perhaps because something truly magical and mysterious happened while I was ensconced in their experienced arms – even if they only laid hands gently on my lower back or part of my leg: The heat would radiate simultaneously from the palms of their hands and my tightly-wound skin. The sudden therapeutic pulses emanating from my buttock would signal soft tissue release, causing my muscles to temporarily feel a sense of calm.

The aura permeating that tiny room was filled with waves of healing energy. The banter – at times serious, other times jovial –  lightened the mood just as my pain began to escalate.  With great care and compassion, they discovered ways to ease my body safely out of trauma, all the while cajoling my muscles back into a re-functioning state.

At times separately, but most often as a duo, they ignited in me a spark which has helped guide me and my body on its way back to a whole and healthy self. If not for their body-work, if not for feeling so safe in their touch, my road towards healing would not have had such a restorative headstart.

My cup runneth over with gratitude…

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