A 1 km milestone

I haven’t run a kilometre in a few years, I can’t yet walk that distance all in one go, and cycling that far is out of the question. But, one thing I know for sure is that I can swim it.

What’s 40 laps when you have an 8-lane Olympic-size pool all to yourself?

I proved it to myself. Unbelievably, when I entered the pool area early this afternoon, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Not even a lifeguard. The surface was as smooth as an ice-skating rink, glistening from the sunlight; reflections from the fluorescent ceiling lights undulating on the near-still water. It looked too clear, untouched, too perfect to be messed up. And yet…

I found the sole lifeguard lounging in the office. He joined me on the deck, as I promised to bore him to tears.

Slowly wading through the shallow waters, I had no intention of aiming for the one-kilometre mark. But with the surrounding silence, the zen-like feel of the space, a gentle rolling of waves created by my slow strokes, that’s where I was headed.

Counting laps turned into a game of mnemonics; I ate all the fish in my way while I swam lap number eight. And then, before I knew it, I’d reached the end. 40 laps. One kilometre. Done.

Seeing how my body can move so freely and with strength under water, I have no doubt it will do so again on the ground. One day.

So… what’s next?

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