The Book Journey Lands.. in Bali

My memoir has LANDED!

A pilgrimage is the kind of journey on which you embark with certain hopes and wishes. By the time your feet (or other form of transport) have carried you across that long stretch of land, you will have undoubtedly been impacted. At least some of your expectations will have been dashed; some of your dreams will have shifted along the way. Change of some kind and colour is certain.

The same can be said of writing a book: it too is a journey, a pilgrimage. At the outset, you may believe that your story cannot surprise you, that it cannot lead you astray, cannot present too many hurdles. But indeed it does.

Once I began to walk the writing path – crafting my thoughts into legible words, then sentences, until they grew into pages – I faced countless bumps. Unanswered questions. Blinding gaps. I procrastinated and veered off-course for a couple of years; unable to look my manuscript in the eye.

But then, only after I’d grappled with enough withdrawal and denial, and only after I allowed others’ stories to embolden me, tugging at my sides in ways I could not ignore, only THEN did my compass lead me back to the straight and narrow.

I hope you’ll want to read how my journey led me way past a point I could have imagined.

Thank you to all of you bloggers and friends, who have connected with me, shared your stories, cheered me on, and led me down many paths revealing the mysteries and beauties of life… As this journey ends, another begins.

(Un)Bound, Together: A Journey to the End of the Earth (and Beyond).



  1. Oh my god, you’ve done it!!! I can’t waitnto read it. Can I get it on Amazon? Congratulations is an understatement.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! Yes.. it’s on Amazon 😉 Technical glitch-elves are still at work though.. so best to search using my name rather than the title (at least for the moment). I hope you’ll enjoy the read.. and share whatever you like afterwards – with me and with Amazon..

  2. You’ve done it! Congratulations again! I really like how you compare your “real” pilgrimage with that of writing the book itself. How incredible to have a pile of your own books, printed and ready to sell, in your possession. I love the cover as well; simple, yet powerful and meaningful. What a journey indeed!

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