Sneak preview!

Dear followers, fellow bloggers and first-time visitors!

With a brief detour off my regular (or not-so-regular recently, sorry!!), I did not want this month to close (and what a short month it is!!) without giving you some goods…and proof of a big step taken on my book-mission possible…

Voila! The book cover design is now done. After a disappointing first go with local designers who’d shown promise, I stumbled on a British artist who was keen to help me out (with an intriguing story of his own).

After our month-long collaboration, amidst much turmoil and illness, we wrapped it up a couple of nights ago. I guess my exacting standards were worth sticking to, because I’m thrilled with the result. And I hope you like it too!

My wonderful Toronto-based content designer/layout artist/editor and I will be pulling it altogether, and then order proof copies so we can make it dazzle for prime time!

Please stay tuned as I inch closer to the finish line…


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