15 Seconds

What’s this: 15 seconds? Well, my fleeting moment of blogg-o-fame might last a little longer – if your reading is set to a slower pace…

Dear fellow bloggers, friends and curious bypassers,

I’m thrilled to share this interview that was recently published on the Blog Expat.com website!

As surprised as I was to receive an invitation from the fine folks at EasyExpat, I was also touched to know that they tracked me down (!), hoping that I would share some of my stories and tips about life in Bali. As I’d never been previously asked to synthesize different aspects of living on this tropical ‘island of the gods,’ it was an exercise in distilling my experiences, providing useful suggestions and reflecting the best – but also some sobering – aspects of an expat’s life… which might also differ quite a bit from those of my other Bali-based friends and acquaintances.

But I do hope you’ll read, enjoy, and learn a few more tidbits about my life in Bali; and that my anecdotes will inspire you to head this way sometime – if you haven’t yet had a chance to do so!

For more about Easy Expat, and their guides, books, directory and services (relocation, finding schools, etc), visit: blogexpat.com

Thanks for all your support and comments over the years; rest assured that, despite my recent absence (due, mostly to focusing on my book crowdpublishing campaign & talks with publishers – woohoo!), I’ll be back in the saddle very soon 😉




  1. Congrats Amit on the interview and the 15 minutes of fame! We’re hoping that all is well on your end after the earthquake there. After a good shake in Mexico this spring we have a whole new appreciation for earthquakes. All the best. James

  2. Thanks James. I’m in Europe at the moment (where I haven’t had a moment to update my blog)… so I’m missing the tremors, but feeling sorrow for our neighbors in Lombok. Thanks for your wishes and hope that you are both well, healthy & in joy!

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