Got Fish?

Life on a tropical island is a wondrous affair; days comprised (mainly) of sunshine, adventure, surprises, new learnings and discoveries. Discoveries such as tasty local dishdsc08263es, gourmet food, organic markets, vegan restaurants, stellar coffee brews, and some damn good fish. But bearing in mind that we’re already well and truly ensconced in the 21st century; and Ubud happens to be home-base for some of the techiest, start-uppiest souls this side of Silicon Valley, people love to throw a mobile app at just about anything they can. So why not build an app-net to catch some fish?

TA-DA! Enter the newest, trendiest, strangest way to procure fish, in Ubud, circa 2017.

My phone pings and this message (or one very much like it) pops up:

Hi Everyone,

Our SameDayFish just arrived! Same day, sustainable handline caught fish from the clean waters of northeast Bali. Prodsc08184fessionally handled, cleaned and transported chilled ready to eat. No formaldehyde (don’t ask), borax (ditto), or other preservatives. Ice only. Today we have:

Mahi-mahi 8 (abt 920g – 2.675 g)

Flying fish: 1 kg (about 8 packs)

Cheers, Samedayfish team

Welcome to the world of online community fish orders – by app only. Aka the SameDayFish Auction.

Whenever the wdsc08242eather gods cooperate (and ceremonies don’t keep fishermen off their boats), we get freshly caught fish.

Endlessly  surprising, each list varies from one (catch of the) day to the next. Small tuna. Medium tuna. Large tuna. Reef cod. Yellow tail. Bonito. Flying fish. Flying fish?!

Take your pick – but be quick. Gotta act fast because like any auction, first at bat gets the prize. Even if the prize in this case is… fish.

So, as this is a local community app, each time the team sends out a notice of the day’s catch, a rat-a-tat of fish-o-vore pings rattle my phone in quick succession:dsc07265

2 kg mahi2 please

Yellowtail please

1,5 kg mahi mahi please

Tuna 2kg please

One large mahi mahi please! Extra borax. (Some dude trying to flex his funny muscle)

If you’re at the gym/ yoga class / massage / kirtan / tantra workshop / vegan café / cacao-eye-gazing-crystal-bowl-healing ceremony, tough luck.

Because before you have tidsc06902me to ask your other half what kind of fish they might be in the mood for, this happens:

Mahi mahi SOLD OUT!

Reef cod SOLD OUT!

Yellow tail SOLD OUT!

Sometimes, rainy season drowns out our hopes:dsc08265

Hi Everyone, So sorry, the weather is still extreme this week, no fishing success today. Let’s hope for some nice weather this week.

Or this: Hi Everyone, because of storm and rough weather. There is no fish today. Samedayfish team

Once in awhile, a desperate pescatarian will make a plea: Any fish left and how much?

Or this: Any chances of getting fish today? I can pick it up by myself…

It’s a tough gig, finding enough fresh fish for the foreigners. But with Jon, Tri and Wanaprasta staff at the helm, this fish-app doodad seems to be the perfect answer.. it’s certainly reeling in the (expat) masses.

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