Your Blood Never Lies (Even From Afar)

The sheepish Balinese clerk at a local medical clinic tries hard to make sense of my unusual request. I don’t want a test, nor do I want to see a doctor. I want her to prick my finger, then squeeze drops of my blood onto a sterilized white cloth (that I’ve brought along). That’s it. Her confusion is palpable.

A few questions later, she obliges me and asks me to produce my hand and the cloth. Six pin pricks and bright red droppings on a cloth later, she presses a cotton ball firmly on my finger and sends me off.

Days later, I deliver a plastic bag with that blood-soaked cloth, to my friend, C, who is flying to Europe in a few days. Among the clothes and gifts that C packs into her check-in luggage, is my blood.dsc07485

My airborne red-and-white cells will be handed over to a woman (K, who is well-known to C) who will analyze my blood, and give me the lowdown about my health. Much as she’s done with C.

A few weeks later, C returns with K’s four-page, hand-written report (transcribed in German, so C provides translation).

Unsurprisingly, I learn that parasites and mold have taken root in my body. I live in Bali, and the moisture during rainy season infiltrates home and body alike. K notes that I’m loaded with salmonella and staph, rheumatism in the joints, allergies, chronic sadness (ahh, interesting finding.. in my blood), chemical pollutants, and metals – especially high Hg.. mercury.

As sobering as the news is, I’m not so surprised: the food we eat and environments the world over are pulsating with toxicity of every kind. Bet you’ve got some yourself.dsc00986

Aside from the heavy mercury load, located in many of my organs, K specifically notes a problem with my sacrum and pelvis. This, without knowing anything about my accident and fractured sacrum.

A list of foods is next, some allowed, others verboten: Yes to eggs, chicken and red meat. Fish? Only salmon and cod – no tuna permitted. Cow’s milk is out, but sheep’s milk is ok – if only I could find some on this island. I get the thumbs up on an assortment of curious foods: spelt, corn, cane sugar (?!) and lots of algae/seaweed; while the no-no list is an extensive one: beer, soy, barley, carrot, hazelnut and walnuts, mandarins, strawberries, oats, wheat, rye, etc. I’m reassured that this selective list will be revisited once my body is clean.

dsc07798Which of course raises the question: How do I rid my body – and blood cells – of mercury and other chemical irritants? Well, with a detox of course. Sure I’m in Bali and every second person is here for the Ubudian version of detox (fasting, colonics, juicing, healers, yoga, etc). But this is of a different kind: Two ingredients are called for: chlorella and fenugreek. Neither of which are readily available in Ubud – or, if so, then prohibitively so. Fortunately, my friend D offers to pick up supplements of each before his return from the US.

I’ve eliminated a few foods, added in a few others. I’m taking daily doses of diatomaceous earth, Vitamin D3, B12, probiotics and a few other goodies. I’ve stopped buying carrots and the nuts that have apparently been wreaking havoc on my system. But mea culpa: I confess to have taken a few, but apparently perceptible, ummm, liberties or diversions off the detox-path.

Here’s the curious rub: In an email last week, C says that K wants to know if I’ve been following her suggested changes to my diet. Hidden in that question is of course, the inference that I’ve been cheating. Gotcha! I suddenly recall the nature of K’s blood work, a process that requires a good deal of faith and suspension of allopathically-based belief: With a range of techniques and instruments, she can detect the most minute changes to my blood and body’s homeostasis, remotely, without touching my body, taking my temperature, seeing my face or taking another drop of blood. And, from what I’ve learned through C’s own experience, it’s bloody right.

Which means that, to avoid being found out – and, quite possibly, reprimanded! –  I’ll have to forego that slice of cake and bowl of strawberries at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party…

May you all be blessed with an abundance of good & steady health, contentment, serenity, beauty and creativity in the coming year!



  1. I suspect that we are all swimming in toxins due to the chemicals and crap that gets sprayed on to and, in to our food. Good for you getting the test done, at least now you know what to avoid and what to add to your diet to benefit your health. I’d be interested in doing a test like that. Wishing you a magnificent 2017 dear Amit. May it be all you wish for and very healthy. Love, Lottie xxx

    1. Gracias, dear Lottie! Yes, we’re probably all unknowingly breathing & eating a little too much ‘crap’ 😉 Wishing you & Pete much joy, adventure and beauty in your lives this coming year. xx

  2. Yikes….I’m not sure I’d want to know. I pretty much go through life with little concern and at 73.5, it’s been working pretty good. No guarantee it will continue but you remind me to feel blessed. Good luck with your new regimen!

  3. I’d have no problem believing you (all of us) should avoid tuna and foods with a high concentration of mercury. But do you struggle with the idea that someone can know how you are doing from a distance? I would have a really hard time with that, I think. Of course, I know I’ve been conditioned by my education and my years of work as a researcher to favor certain ways of knowing over others, and I try to keep my mind open. And yet… I’m curious about whether it’s been difficult for you to accept this way of thinking.

    1. You raise good points, Quemada. Yes, I’ve thought about it.. I believe that the remote ‘sensing’ is all about my physical health – rather than knowing my thoughts – and that all the analysis originates from my blood drops, rather than some odious attempt to read my mind. Plus, I’ve heard about and learned about this person’s beneficial approach for a few years, so I am willing to trust the process.. up to a certain point. I still have my free will, and won’t be giving that up anytime soon. Thnx for caring to ask.. and for following my blog.

  4. Anit this is fascinating …. I just finished reading a book called “The Medical Medium” in which he addresses the issue of mercury and how to get rid of it. The whole book is fascinating.

    Just to me tion in case it helps, when we lived in Nicaragua everyone ( all foreigners ) got parasites. An American naturopath living there had a wonderful natural remedy. Two tablespoons of papya seeds swallowed whole in the morning and at night for a week. Repeat ten days later. Avoid all sugar and fried foods. It worked really well for me…

    I really enjoy reading you…you write so well, that even the topic of blood tests is interesting 🙂


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