The Royal (Taxi) Treatment

Last night, after dinner at friends’ in Seminyak, I ordered a GRAB taxi to bring me home to Ubud. GRAB is similar to Uber and the other ride-share apps. I waited by the road, comparing the license number that appeared on the app with those of approaching cars. Bingo. Here he was. I opened the door, slid into the front seat with my 2 bags and pulled the side lever so I could recline for the 1 hour+ ride home.

When I ordered the cab, I’d noticed that the driver’s name was Ngurah. There were initials before his name, but I suppose I was too distracted to pay much attention.

Of course, had I read those two letters, side by side, more carefully, I might have posed a question that only came up about halfway home: A.A. For the uninitiated, those letters stand for Anak Agung. Shorthand for “I am a member of the royal family.”

Which is how I found myself, late one September night, being driven home by a twenty-something prince from the Denpasar royal family.

How surprising is that?!

(NOTE: Photo is for illustration purposes; it wasn’t my driver!)


  1. Whaaat? That’s all??This must be
    ( one of) your shortest blog ever!!!! No more questions, stories, ponderings, photos, stories behind stories???? Why? How? Photo of you and your royal driver??
    Glad you got home safely and royally! πŸ™‚

  2. I never knew there was an Uber like service in Indonesia! Cool! Good to know.

    Wow amazing. What was he like? Did he converse with you?


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