The Seventh Year…

since my accident has drawn to a close.


I didn’t cross a bridge to mark the milestone, as I have in the past.


I went for a swim, floated around the pool in complete serenity.

I made nutritious smoothies.

Then I went home.

I thought of Battambang. Of Emergency. Of Bangkok. Of angels & spirit guides.

I drank strawberries – and I prayed.

I heard the barking sounds of a new dog in the ‘hood.

I looked up at the sky, the trees, the stick-straight herons soaring elegantly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I called my sister. We spoke of snow. Hers, not mine.

I planted a seed outside, in the puddle-filled, rain-soaked ground.

May a tree of life (continue to) take hold, then grow and grow into the firmament & beyond.



      1. Teaching and preaching. What can I say? A lovely heart-feeling boy and a huge growth experience. I’ve not talked to him since his arrival but his photos show some real unique experiences. I know nothing about Battambang. He will be a changed young man on his return. He misses his soft bed and toilet paper but is adjusting. Loves the food! I’m off to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico on Monday……7 hr flight vs 32 hrs! Excited as many expats, art and a UNESCO site. A bit cooler than Bali too which my body will like.

      2. I’m sure he will be changed – for the best, I imagine.
        Safe travels, Sharon, and enjoy la vida bella in Mexico! Would love to hear about your experience there, when you have a chance xx

  1. Wow…7 years…I don’t remember that date.
    January 29th, I believe is the date I remember…but I try to forget the dates and remember your stories from the years AFTER! How lucky we ALL are. Namaste indeed. Much love and peace and smoothies to you! xo

  2. You have much grace, Amit. Out of all the blogs I follow, I look forward to your posts the most. Something about your gentle spirit draws me. You’ve been through much and I sense a peace within you. Thank you for sharing each week πŸ’—

    1. Very sweet of you, Jen. It’s an ongoing project in humility, humor and honesty. I try to share from my heart (mostly, while other times from my gut!) Blessings to you… πŸ˜‰

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