Labyrinth Love

Once in awhile, when I least expect it, perhaps when I bump into a friend in town or I meet a traveler who’s only arrived a few weeks earlier, I’ll hear that they went to Bali Silent Retreat, that they loved the place and the food.. and that they enjoyed walking the labyrinth.

Do you know what a labyrinth is?, one of them might ask.

Then, depending on who it is, I might say, yes I do. Or I’ll say hey yes of course! I created that labyrinth at BSR – and I’m so glad you walked it!

Those unexpected moments remind me why I designed it, loved installing it: it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Labyrinth Baliandbeyond Jan 2016

So when I flipped through the current issue (January 2016) of a local travel and lifestyle magazine, Bali and Beyond, I was thrilled to see a photograph of the BSR labyrinth appearing in one of the articles.

Ahh, may all beings be happy.. as they walk, pray, connect with the earth and find their way into the circle and back out again.

Blessings, peace, light and labyrinth-love… to walkers everywhere 😉

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