The Sethsayer

Three days after my last blog posting, when I was still reeling from the incident that threatened to push me ever so slightly over the edge and into an abyss of fear and insecurity, the heading from a  daily blog written by a renowned writer and speaker – famous in his family, as he’d put it – and that lands in my inbox daily, caught me off guard. How did he know what I was feeling..?? I was utterly gobsmacked.

Because it came from the unlikeliest source; the singularly successful  (and soulful) Seth Godin.

Seth, as he is known by millions of fans and readers, is a cult figure in today’s self-promotion/marketing/book-publishing world. He writes about infrastructure, b2b, email etiquette, how to grow your market, all that corporate-y mumbo-jumbo.

But if you don’t know about nor read Seth; or if you don’t care for him because you think he only writes about marketing and corporate culture, you’d be way off the mark. I devour his writing, then I swish it around my mental palate, feel for its subtle emotional flavorings, then always manage to find a gem that is highly relevant to me – on the exact day, almost the precise moment that I need to sense it.

Because as I and perhaps millions of others have discovered, Seth’s legendary, intuitive and crystal-clear grasp of working culture, corporate life and book publishing (among so much more) extends far beyond the hashed and rehashed lingo, into the realm of bold and original expression.

What speaks to me on many levels is an innate wisdom that he shares freely with those who will listen; one seemingly borne out of attentiveness to, and observations of – and love for – humanity, combined with an irresistible sense of propriety and ethical righteousness. He says it like it is, in a way that few others can. You can’t go wrong living by Seth’s principles.

He is, however, much more than all that:  Turns out that Seth is something of a mind-reader or fortune-teller. He’s a Sethsayer.

What a knack for timing. He digitally distributes his emails out into the world every day,  about a whole smorgasbord of subjects – that just happen to be right on target… on the very day that they arrive. Which is what happened that very day, just three days after my in-house ‘invasion’ – when his headline read: The Power of Fear.

Fear will push you to avert your eyes.

Fear will make you think you have nothing to say.

It will create a buzz that makes it impossible to meditate…

or it will create a fog that makes it so you can do nothing but meditate.

Fear seduces us into losing our temper.

and fear belittles us into accepting unfairness.

Fear doesn’t like strangers, people who don’t look or act like us, and most of all, the unknown.

It causes us to carelessly make typos, or obsessively look for them.

Fear pushes us to fit in, so we won’t be noticed, but it also pushes us to rebel and to not be trustworthy, so we won’t be on the hook to produce.

It is subtle enough to trick us into thinking it isn’t pulling the strings, that it doesn’t exist, that it’s not the cause of, “I don’t feel like it.”

When in doubt, look for the fear.



  1. Now I need to immediately Google him, and find out more! I’m intrigued. Apologies for being SOooo behind with your posts, Amit. It’s been a long, hot, visitor filled Summer and Autumn. xxx

    1. No worries, Lottie.. I know that you’ve fallen under the Andalucian spell 😉 But yes, you really ought to look him up.. quite something. And here’s another guy to look up, he too calls it straight: Mark Manson. Hugs to you & Irishman xx

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