Off the Mat

Some of you – especially those who practice yoga – might have heard of a wonderful organization called Off the Mat (Into the World). Well, feel free to read more about these activist yogis… but I should let you know that this post is NOT about those people. In fact, it’s not about people at all. It’s about dogs (surprise, surprise).

You’ve read about my love of dogs a few times before… most recently, about the pups that I’ve dog-sat for.. and how they liked to appropriate my mat – before and during my practice.

Well, this time they went full-tilt. Both ON and OFF the Mat. Hence this post. They’re starting to get the hang of this floppy item that I unfurl most mornings; except that they seem to be under the impression that it signals play-time. Which means that I have no choice but to wait it out.. OFF the mat. Take a look, then judge for yourself:

From downward dog, warrior poses and many twists (never mind the unexpected, and not entirely yogic humping pose), through open and restorative asanas all the way to savasana – or Abelard’s version of the corpse pose, they made exceptionally good use of the mat.








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