Thank-You-Words-MultiLingual-CloudAs I feel that I’m on the brink of embarking on a few projects and continuing with others, I can’t overstate the importance of seeking out information, guidance and support from others; especially those who’ve racked up months’ or years’ worth more experience than I. It’s so true that, despite all the research I might do, it’s that encouragement and insight from others that’s made all the difference. And so, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly – at least in the blogosphere sense – express my gratitude for their input.

Partly because of these pending plans, I invested in a new camera before I returned to Bali. Thanks to my friend’s explanations and clarifications, I bought the same apparatus as he. I figured he knew what he was talking about (and getting), given that he’s spent a lifetime behind a lens – as a filmmaker first, and then as a photographer (or, more precisely, a “photo-collager.”) It’s been such a treat to play with this new camera, even without studying a manual, just flipping dials and turning features on and off.

Then I was faced with the burning digital question that many of us writers-cum-creative spirits contend with at some point: PC or not PC? In other words, is it time to migrate to a Mac?

Credit: Montreal Gazette (my hometown paper 😉

Whether due to issues of familiarity (personally I’ve always had a PC, and I’m almost blindly accustomed to working with it); budget or reluctance to join the Apple-generation, I’ve discovered that individuals tend to have their preferences. They might stay firmly loyal to one or the other, but as I’ve learned, some will make the leap – or in some instances, double-dip (!), in other words, have one of each. Those who own a PC AND a Mac will extol the virtues of one or the other, largely depending on the kind of work they’re doing.

And so, my hat goes off and I deeply bow to a ‘fiver’ of photographers whose blogs I’ve been following, and who (in the past week or so), have shared so generously of their time. Their insight, questions, comments and advice was enlightening, thought-provoking, and immeasurable.

Quite frankly, I don’t know where else I could have found such a group of well-informed folks. I’m indebted to each and every one of them for, without their seasoned advice, I’d surely still be floundering and flailing about; whereas, now – thanks to the compass I’ve been gifted by them all – I just need to figure out what will work best for me.

And so, without further adieu, I take my lens-cap off to each of them (too hot here for a hat!), and invite you (readers) to visit this abridged blog-roll and find inspiration in their photography, skills and talent:

Leanne Cole Photography

Joel Singer

Janice Meyers Foreman

Robin S. Kent

Michael Fiveson

As it happens, I was asked to help a friend out just yesterday; she turned to me with, of all things, questions about blogging 😉 I was only happy to help. Go on, blog / help / advice it forward…



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