Rare Finds #4

IMG_8539Not far from this placid wintry scene, indeed only a short walk away, is a place where I’ve found signs of life at its most unusual, quirkiest, loveliest and creative… Such as these:


Guppy in hidingGuppy in Hiding
IMG_8497Alessi coffeemaker… only the bestIMG_8508Groovy retro throwbackIMG_8520IMG_8519One of the many classics on siteIMG_8515Blooming… despite the blizzardIMG_8501IMG_8523Introducing… TouTouIMG_8505IMG_8528The Nutcracker, at attentionIMG_8529Disco FeverIMG_8536Do you remember how to REALLY dial?IMG_8537Blueberry pie / crepe / edible whatchamacallitIMG_8535Always… signs of new life popping up

Headquarters of fine food, wine, books on art and design, jazz LPs and the best of the classics. But the rarest find of all lies at the very core of this simple compilation of finely crafted and carefully selected objects:

A long-playing duet, a pair of down-to-earth, hard-working, thoughtful, sensitive and tirelessly supportive, men.

Best of all, these finds are as close as possible to being my brothers – without sharing bloodlines. These are friends, M & B both, to love and cherish. Blessed am I…


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