The Camino Awaits…

When you start to listen closely, when you start paying close attention, when you stop making excuses on the side of inability in lieu of ability, stuff happens.

After a few upheavals of one kind or another – including a couple of kicks in the proverbial butt – it was time to read the dream-writing on the wall and time to carve out another chapter in my healing journey.

Credit: 4Corners Images/von Dachsberg/Huber

And so, the time has come.. well, at least the time to start planning has come…

I’m going to walk the Camino Santiago de Compostela in Spain!

Since I can’t and don’t want to go it alone, I’ve started off by setting up a partnership with a crowdsourcing partner called Indiegogo. Cool name, huh?!

You can read all about my project right here.

And then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the link to my campaign and my blog, far and wide.

Muchas gracias mi amigos!



  1. I watched The Way movie a few weeks ago…loved it and downloaded the sound track which is fabulous too. I really want to walk the “way” too now! Good luck with your plans ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This looks to be such an impressive adventure. I once walked a few feet of the Great Wall of China and this looks very similar. I bow in shame and admit that although I’ve been to Spain quite often, I’ve never heard of this wall, or this adventure.

  3. Ok. I’ve read the link now, and who can not love your pluck and determination. Really wish I could help but I’m short of funds and other problems so I can’t which sucks. People will help you though. You deserve nothing less

    1. Thanks.. but you CAN help, just by your words of support, putting out good vibes into the universe and spreading the word. All those are invaluable pieces of the pilgrim’s puzzle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. My brother walked part of the trail a few years ago and loved the experience. I wish you all of the best on this exciting, beautiful journey!

    1. Letizia, was that you who made a contribution to my campaign?! What a surprise.. I am deeply touched, and since I’ve not yet figured out how to send thanks via Indiegogo, I hope you’ll accept this thank you for now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Truly, deeply thankful!!

      1. I did- I hope the small contribution brings you one step closer to this wonderful goal. It’s a wonderful journey: physically and spiritually!

  5. I wish that I could help money wise but I can pray for your journey and recovery. My daughter had/has invisible injuries as well and then was hit by a failry rare arthritis. I support her now since she still does not get government disability funds and that sometimes takes more than a year. While I can not feel your pain I can identify strongly with your plight.

    I am sending you my best karma and perahps at some point I can spare some moola as well- that is my hope.


    1. Dear Yvonne, Your words, support & karma are equally (if not more) helpful and inspiring to me; no worries about the ‘moola’ since your daughter is (and ought to be) priority #1. My prayers go out to you and her.

  6. Hi – Lottie pointed me here – I very much admire your goal and hope you get the support you need. I have made a small donation and will look forward to following your journey.

  7. Hi Amrit,

    I just liked this on my fb page. What an exciting life event to look forward to and am so happy you are able to do such an amazing thing after all your injuries. Since ‘The alchemist’ became my Fav book of all time and I watched ‘The way’, this has been a major addition on my bucket list. It intensified when recently, a really good astrologer told me my life is a ‘pilgrimage’.

    I am living in Bali as well and wanted to get more info about your trip. How many people are going along and if they know approximate costs or best resources from Indonesia. Also roughly how long are you hoping to do the pilgrimage for?

    1. Hi Beverly,
      Terima kasih for your comments and your wishes! That’s a pretty powerful message that you got from the astrologer – here in Bali? I’m going to ‘friend’ you on FB so you can message with me with questions there, ok? Amit

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