Essential Ingredients

It takes so little to make me happy.

A breathtaking view…IMG_2030

A couple of OMs (Organic Mojitos to the uninitiated – with just the right mix of organic limes and mint  😉

OOPS! NO PIX OF THE OMS… a little tipsy at that point, perhaps!

An array of visually dazzling goodies: grilled pumpkin & eggplant, fresh basil, pesto, peppers, sambal mata, button mushrooms, shiitake, salmon, tuna, oregano, coriander, rosemary, tomato sauce (tomatoes freshly picked from the organic garden), mozzarella and the sheer delight of home-made chevre (goats idling elsewhere)…


A rolling pin and freshly kneaded whole wheat dough (looking a little like pita breads)…


A natural earthen clay oven – which requires a decent batch of coffee wood, preparation, TLC and, yes, even temperature-gauging…IMG_2042IMG_2038

A whole lot more dough-kneading, puckering, flouring, spreading, flattening and rolling…


A grandiose dose of creativity, play, swirling, twirling, decorating, giddiness – all topped off with a generous sprinkling of olive oil…


A serving of freshly roasted cashews, some red wine and more OMs…

OOPS! More spirited spirits = less photos!

And a group of women with awesome appetites, savoring and sensing the aromas, the tastes, the spices, diving into sheer yumminessIMG_2055

Oh, what blessings the earth showers on us, grounding us in a field full of colors and flavors, treating us to this rapid-fire baked pizza extravaganza. And to MJ, heaps of gratitude, for sharing the gift of… gathering and gab; Kabuki and Sulawesi theater, dance (on land and in water), travel, books, fermentation, Singapore, Japan, Burma, Poughkeepsie, museums, brem wine (local moonshine to the uninitiated) and food – always, always, good food.


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