The Inspiring Kindness of Others


A hug o’ gratitude to AP of the Belief Blog for nominating Healing Pilgrim for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award… I never realized I was a V.I.B.! To my followers, friends, and the many writers, photographers, dreamers, visionaries, journeyers out there who inspire ME… it has been a magical (and sometimes bumpy) ride, so thank you for tagging along.

Here’s what you are asked to do in accepting this peer award:

1   Display the award logo,

2   Link back to the person who nominated you,

3   State 7 things about yourself,

4   Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

Seven things about me

1  Some days I feel like I could walk ad infinitum

2  I am an avowed chocaholic – but starting to lean towards raw foods

3 Give me a room full of b&w photos and back-to-back screenings of classic films and documentaries, and I’m in heaven (ok, a little bit of chocolate will make it uber-heavenly!)

4  Gandhi, Frank Lloyd Wright and Da Vinci are among my idols

5  I am blessed to have the most precious, spirited and loving niblings (nieces + nephews) in the world.

6  Bali has nearly everything I need for my life right now

7  My most recent favorite book was Edmund de Waal’s The Hare with Amber Eyes

And now (drum roll please!), a list of blogs I find inspiring.. not surprisingly, you’ll notice some patently common threads 😉

World Lit Up

Fabulous 50’s

Reading Interrupted

Ease Your Travel

Mike’s Look at Life

Writing for Self-Discovery

Travel, Culture, Food

Cultural Life

This Good Ink

Lottie Nevin

Bucket List

Tricia A. Mitchell

Nurul’s Culinary Adventures

Live Simply…

Ma Vie in Someplace In This World


  1. “niblings” I love that word! Congratulations on a much deserved award – I always look forward to your new posts! (and thank you for the nomination, of course!)

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