Selamat Sabtu

IMG_9812A dozen or so of us, representing six countries, joined together for a Friday evening fest & feast, the first of this year (the century’s bar mitzva year, no less) to celebrate the end of the week, the sabbath, an empty moon – and community. Candles were lit, prayers recited, wine (ok, grape juice, but close enough), challah bread dotted with raisins & soIMG_9814ng echoed through a house in the rice fields. A vegetarian meal followed, with pumpkin soup, humus, baba ghanoush, jackfruit & cassava chips (Indonesian snacks) and a whole lot o’ salad. ‘Twas another first for Ubud; members of a tribe gathered together on this Hindu island in a Muslim archipelago in very close proximity to the equator.

We are blessed. Amen.




  1. I must send you a link….I’ll email it to you but first I need to find it!! Don’t hold your breath but I promise to root it out at some stage. What a wonderful idea all getting together on a Friday evening – sounds and looks like a happy and delicious experience. Have a good weekend Amit!

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