A Festival of Light


‘Twas the second night of Chanukah

And in the town of Ubud

A party was happening

As we knew it should


We chilled at the lounge

Where latkes were fried

We meditated, sang songs

Ate, Prayed and Laughed (till the rain died)


The beers were aplenty

The food menu was small

Fresh salad for nibblers

Free range chickens for all


Greg lit three candles

In the chanukiah

Made of coconut bowls

Would you believe: a menorah made of kelapa!


The Maccabee story was read

To the crowd

No Balinese neighbors complained

Were we really not loud?



  1. Thinking of you on the second night of Hanukkah and was inspired to check out your blog and there you had written about Hanukkah. Hope you recognize many miracles this week. Miss you, thinking of you.

    Happy Hanukkah.

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