Bring on the Light

I read an article yesterday in which an explanation was given for why it is so hot in Bali these days: because the sun is situated directly about the Island of the Gods. In other words, we are at the epicenter of sunshine & Vitamin D – D for Divine.

My body knows just how much I crave those rays these days. Probably every one of my pores, each layer of my soul knows it too. Bring it on.

After a morning conference Skype call with my sisters (2 time zones, 3 countries), I knew just what medicine my ears and heart needed: Snatam Kaur‘s blissful song, Long Time Sun.

Go ahead, make your day, have a listen: Can you feel that wave of warmth wash over you, radiating inside of you? Doesn’t it just soften the blow of any challenge that comes your way? Doesn’t it make you feel like you can pull through this one too?

While listening to her ethereal voice, and later, walking around town for (too) much of the day, I couldn’t help but think of the sun’s presence, sparkling right above the crown of my head. At the zenith of its trajectory, the apex of its arc. And we directly below.

Things have gone a little topsy turvy. Upside down. Out of sorts. Having to figure out new ways of being. Of sharing. Of caring.

And this evening, under the glow of the moon, as if an angel had taken over the wheel, skimming through my iPod instead of me, I suddenly landed on the only tune that could nourish me towards the close of this day: Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune (from his Suite Bergamasque), hands down my favorite piece of classical music.

Pure Musical Moonlight. Bathing in it.

We have a rocky road ahead of us…

Gimme the sun. Gimme the moon. Gimme gimme gimme a whole lotta light.

Long time sun, indeed. May it shine upon us, all love surround us… may it guide our way on.

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