The Lightness of Being Alive

Early this morning, over the phone, with a less than optimal connection from overseas, I heard details (finally) of a story.

I wish I could say that it was fiction.

I wish I could say that it was a dream.

Alas, it was a true story. Involving an orange pylon, a long empty stretch of highway, a ditch, a forest and a big black car.

It’s the kind of story that movies are made of. The kind that, if you were to hear it, would make you wonder: how. was. that. even. possible.

At first, accompanied by a staggering heaviness. Disbelief.

The re-runs screened in my mind throughout the day; wherever I walked, during our group meditation (lying down & walking), during lunch, the rainstorm and my massage, my imagination was in full gear.

So hard to fathom.  But so easy to remember the nature of accidents: they happen in a heartbeat.

The heaviness then gives way to breath. To thanks. To a close encounter with luck.

Do you know that, even if you didn’t see them, hear them, feel their touch, your chorus of angels (spirits? deities?) were out in full force, every step of the (high)way?

I asked what I could for you, for them. Send love.

That’s clear enough. Already been doing that. And sending out gratitude.

But more than that, I send you light – moonlight, sunlight and the light that exists in all of us – just from being alive. Amen.



  1. My friends sometimes think I’m nuts because I talk to my angels all the time 🙂 Of course I don’t hear their replies, but I really don’t need to, right? It is comforting to know we are protected!!! Sending you love & light!!

    1. Those of us who, for one reason or another, are connected to the angels (spirits, deities, etc) don’t need to hear.. we just know.. and I don’t think we need to (ought to) convince others; I don’t think I was open to hearing about them until my own personal experience brought me face to face with ’em.. I think that’s the nature of their realm 😉 Thanks for dropping by and your comments. By the way, it’s ok to believe in angels AND be nutty too!!

    2. I talk to many…errrmmm…what category do angels fit into?? All reply Sometimes I hear them and sometimes not. I can’t see them though. But often feel them!! We are always protected:-)

      1. I actually think that when we say that we are listening to our intuition… it’s a more ‘respectable’ (and less kooky-sounding, to some!) way of acknowledging that the angels are speaking to us, guiding us, protecting us, directing us on our path. Yes, we feel them!! Thanks for writing 😉

  2. There is SOOOOOOOOOO much more out there and here that most are not aware of!! I speak to many beings that cannot be seen or heard by most. And my experiences with them will one day probably end up in writing somewhere-maybe my blog-haha!! 🙂

    Wonderful to meet you!!

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