A Children’s Paradise

I may not have children myself, but give me a day bracketed by seeing kids, being in their presence, hanging out and laughing with them, watching them, seeing them laugh and acting silly, something – many things – will inevitably rub off on me. It’s contagious, being in the company of children – and I am almost always grateful to be in their midst. Magical. Fascinating. Endlessly illuminating & inspiring. Not to mention healing…

I had such a day today; on my way to yoga class this morning, walking right into an ever-so-large pack of students midway through their morning walk-around-the-block, teachers in tow.

Hand in hand, arms draped over shoulders, the mighty penjors (still gracing streets from the recent festival of Galungan) swaying in the slight breeze above their heads, these kids were nothing if not boisterous, energized, all-too-happy to belt out a hello ibu! in my direction.

And later in the afternoon, as I entered an estate in Nyuh Kuning, deep in the forest, looking out over Sayan ridge, I was met with an enchanting scene: a vast outdoor area festooned with umbul-umbuls (colorful penjor-style flags on bamboo poles), balloons, stalls with food, a tent from which music played, face-painting, watermelon-eating, a butterfly-man on stilts… and many, many little girls dressed up as fairy princesses.

Disneyland: eat your heart out; you’ve got nothing on the sheer outrageous fun & joy that unfolded in front of my eyes.

May all these kids continue to bask in the glow of Balinese sunshine, moon-dancing,hula-hooping, nature, glitter & flow.

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