A Hamish Home

He is more than a dog. Much more. Wiser than most. But with a heart and the kind of puppy eyes that melt you right down into a gooey puddle of wax.

There ought to be a dictionary entry under the word love that reads: Hamish. (a.k.a. Cat’s dog)

What the world needs now: A whole lot o’ Hamish-love.

He spoons it out so effortlessly, so eagerly. He wags incessantly – doggedly, pleading only for reciprocity – ok, just a little more won’t hurt you, will it?

He will be in your peripheral vision at all times, will glance over just to make sure you are breathing and still in his field of sight. He will follow you, even at a respectful distance, to ensure that you don’t leave without him, that you don’t fall and hurt yourself. He will follow you into every room of the house – except the bathroom, because he intuitively (or learned to) respects your privacy.

He will wait patiently while his alter-ego, Kalypso upstages him with a prance around the room, yelping for her food, then follow on your heels as you reach for his dish and place it on the floor far from the paws of Ms dancing dog.

He will crook his head slightly, a sign that, well, you know what I want, don’t you? He will nudge your arm/your head/your leg with his nose until you yield and offer up a healthy dose of ruffling up his hair. While he dozes, he will gladly let you lie on him, beside him, underneath him, around him. If you should shift even an inch, he will perk up, wonder what the sudden movement is all about.

He is tip-toe quiet most of the time. But if the earth should shake below (I swear it did a few times), or if he smells real danger, you can rest assured that he will bark up a storm to guard you.

The Day Hamish Came to Cat’s

He will lie in the doorway of your bedroom, as if protecting you from the spirits of the night. He will curl up beside your bed once he is certain you’re tucked in. He will stir only briefly when you awake to go to the bathroom. But if you should happen to be sick and overstay your trip to the toilet, he will sense your absence and wander off to check on you. If you happen to be keeled over, weak and immobilized, he will lie on top of your toes and lick you all over until you have revived enough to walk back to bed.

It won’t take you long to realize that a dog with a history like his, takes nothing for granted. Not love, not attention, not safety. He will likely crave it – and dish it out to others – until his dying days – because he knows how lucky he was to be spared, to be delivered to a safe and loving home, to be fed and cared for.

And if you should ever find yourself on the receiving end of Hamish’s love, you will know precisely of what I write.

In the Yiddish language, Hamish (alternately spelled Haymishe) means homey or cozy. Which is exactly what this one-of-a-kind four-legged creature proved to be; a haymishe hound, showering me with love, and transforming a house into a home.


  1. How absolutely wonderful to have a Hamish in your life. I’m tweeting this and posting it to both my fbk pages xx and I have a friend in Jak who will adore this so I’m going to share it on her wall too!

    1. Terima kasih banyak… it’s so nice to have loads of love ‘n lottie-ness comin’ my way 🙂 (jeez, I don’t tweet yet, but does befriending 2 birds that endlessly chirp count for anything?!)

      1. darlin’ i’m not a real tweeter…in fact in all honesty I hate it, but I use it to push my blog a rooney out into the world a little bit that’s all. Are you on Fbk? we can connect that way too! Lottie Nevin is my personal one and then I have lottienevin.com as my blog one which I use for my blog and sharing other peeps blogs on too. I’d be very happy to share your blog on it each time you post – I love the way that you write.

      2. My you are FB-Busy! How do you find time to write poetry, travel and play in the sand 🙂 Ok.. I’ll seek you out on FB, my on-and-off-Bali teman…

  2. So beautiful and haymishe! How funny too…Loved your Huddle blog too!
    I miss you…you have so much to write about… amazing! I wonder what I would take pictures of and write about if I could/would on a weekly basis…xo oj

    1. You would take pictures of deer roaming in the streets.. and children.. and bamboo trees… and little kids doing yoga in class..and older kids playing instruments and singing… and barbecues… and piles of laundry 🙂

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