Morning Creatives

Another Saturday morning with so many choices: shall it be yoga at White Lotus, Radiantly Alive or Yoga Barn (the studio I normally go to is closed for the week)? Naaah… My body needed to move in an entirely different way. So, after dropping in at the weekly organic market at Pizza Bagus, I walked down to the Yellow Coco Creative Nest in Nyuh Kuning.

It’s a wonderful, indoor-and outdoor creative arts center, established by Canadian expat Susan and her Indonesian husband. They offer classes and workshops, mainly for children, but once in awhile there’s something for us adults too. Like Authentic Movement – a modality that I first experienced with my sister.

There were four of us, all women. We nibbled on peanuts, discussed the latest happenings at the Green School and around town.

Then, all around the outdoor covered space, with eyes closed tight, we moved, we danced, we breathed, we shared our experiences. I felt compelled to move with the new sheets of colored fabric swaying all around us. It was liberating and centering at the same time.

At one point, when I ended my movement and opened my eyes, I was face to face with a Buddha sculpture face, an aloe vera plant and, just behind, a tomato plant. The yellow skirt of the temple shrine off to one side flapped easily in the breeze. And Cocorico, Susan’s mutt, slinked about.

And then Susan brought out large pieces of paper with crayons and colored pencils. She plugged in the music, pulled out a drum and we continued to do whatever moved us…

Imagine the range of musical choices: the main tune from Schindler’s List… followed by Kool & the Gang’s Let’s Go Dancing (Reggae Dancing)… wrapping up with another Kool classic, Celebration. We responded to this hodge-podge of music with enthusiasm, laughter and joy.

If only more people could start off their days in similarly expressive ways… forget the cup of coffee, go forth and create!


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