The Kuningan Kollection

A week of festivities just wrapped up in Bali, starting from Galungan up to yesterday’s Kuningan ceremonies, dances and three-night Mas market. Here, a smattering of photos… wish I could capture the smells and tastes too!

The Barong Boys of Tebesaya / Peliatan
Still Life with offerings
Waiting for God(ot)
Taking a midday break from barong

Ubud's Jalan Raya (Main St) empties out... a most unusual sight!
If the stalls are closed, the market's temple will overflow with offerings
Solitary offering on market steps
Even a store selling jeans can use some help from the gods
... as do the motorbikes
Perhaps some Balinese gods enjoy a smoke now and then (?!!)
How else are you going to transport your offerings to temple?
Capping the day with babi guling (roasted pig)...
...whereas my tastes lean towards tofu & veggies
Legong dancer sparkles & shines well into the night

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