101 Uses for a Dead Pig

I’m really not a pig-pilgrim. I don’t seek out pigs, don’t eat them, don’t play with them, don’t find them particularly cute and cuddly. But living in Bali, you tend to get used to hearing their squeals while tied onto the back of motorbikes or as they are being led to slaughter. Well, I saw a whole lot of pig last week. And what I learned was that there’s more than one way to skin a pig – and a seemingly infinite number of ways to put the dead porker to use.

Note: The following photos are not for the faint-at-heart…

Yes yes... entirely made from pig innards...

Yes, yes… absolutely everything, every little bit of food and decorative element above, was carefully, delicately, purposely, ceremonially, made from the remains of a P-I-G. Even those dainty transparent umbrellas with the pompoms – pig. Nothing goes to waste; if a person doesn’t consume it, the dogs lie in wait, sniffing around for morsels.

Dead or Alive: Holy Pig.




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