The Remarkably Wired Woman

I’ve just met a woman with – there’s no other way to say it – electric hands. It was a stimulating, electrifying experience – but entirely off the grid: She wasn’t plugged into an outlet and there was no lightning outside. Plus, her husband is electrically wired too…

D is a traditional Balinese healer – balian – who lives on the outskirts of Ubud. She used to work in a bank, until she could no longer ignore her calling.

About five years ago, D realized that the powerful electricity running through her body could be useful by transferring energy to the ill and injured in her community. She didn’t read any books on anatomy or medicine; didn’t consult a physician or physiotherapist. Instead, she slowly learned how to control her innate and natural power to heal.

Two years ago, D began to see people with a range of ailments that were not curable by other means; reviving a woman who was rushed to her home in an unconscious state; re-aligning a man’s back so that he could move more freely and resume running. Still today, she provides no guarantee of success, no assurance of perfect healing. But she prays regularly, asks for guidance from the gods and spirits, offers patients hope. Perhaps because of her skill and results, or maybe because of her warm smile and grace, D is in high demand; she has a waiting list.

D and her husband G are quiet and humble, displaying no outward signs of their gift. They live with their two children in a family compound – I had to walk through a garage to reach their courtyard. There are no signs directing patients to their home; you absolutely need to know where you are going. D was quick to point out that she refuses to see tourists who are merely curious about her powers. She has no desire for fame and celebrity, no need for widespread accolades and newspaper coverage. Her time is limited and her healing abilities so powerful that they may be weakened if not used for a bona fide purpose.

I met D and G yesterday. Prayers, offerings, incense, flowers and holy water were followed by a healing session unlike anything I’ve had. It involved homemade coconut oil combined with various herbs; green leaves from a tree with specific healing properties; and whole garlic cloves, peeled and crushed. There were almost-visible transfers of electricity between D’s and G’s hands – though G also acted the part of grounder, to prevent undue shocks.

Lines of energy eerily buzzed up and down parts of my body where D smoothly rubbed and maneuvered her hands. There were bursts of sizzling pain (garlic-induced) in some places, followed by more manageable (almost soothing) sensations of low-grade electricity: Kadek’s zapper had already given me my first taste of electric shock-style therapy!

Though I was no stranger to their zaps, I was incredulous at the fact that they were emitting electricity from their fingertips

Friends texted me this morning: How are you feeling? Any difference? Hard to say, I replied, because improvements in my body are, at this stage of recovery (and as I’ve seen with Kadek and yoga), incremental at best. There are no great tectonic-plate shifts happening inside me… yet.

And so, another session with D (and G) is likely in the offing, perhaps as early as next week.

For the disbelievers and skeptics among you, I can only say this: I too once would have rolled my eyes, would have asked probing questions, might have wondered: Where is the medical evidence? What about liability?

But I’m in Bali now. I have faith. I have trust. I have a more profound understanding and belief in healers. And the body’s ability to participate in its own healing. Moreover, I have seen and felt it myself. Proof enough.



    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog. It has been fascinating (and eye-opening) to learn about the potency of traditional healers. We from the west have for too long been ignorant of, or discounted the centuries-old benefits of healing transferred through generations. I feel so grateful to have this opportunity… Perhaps our paths will cross one day when I am back in Nepal, a country I love!

  1. Hello,

    I recently visited the same place as you speak of. The first time I went I was completely amazed at her powers to control electricity in her hands. She really worked my neck and back. The results where also impressive.

    I returned for a second visit and did notice something different. I now believe that the electricity did not come from her hands. I believe it came from the wet towel under my feet. I realized this because before she even touched me this second visit, I was receiving strong electrical pulses in my feet. With this being said, I still believe she has great healing powers and control of electricity with her body, however I believe the source is not from her.

  2. I just returned from my 2nd trip to Bali. I, too, went to the “electric lady” — twice! The first time I was very skeptical but after the treatment, I felt great! I have several injuries and told her of some but not all to see if she could find them and she did! I looked for perhaps her holding something or standing on something… nope. My second visit two days later, I asked her how she does this and she said it is all mind control. She proved it by showing me intense current in my shoulders versus a lighter intensity. It was the most unique experience and I do feel better in several areas which I had pain…..

  3. Hi Healingpilgrim,

    Thanks for the article! I visited D and her husband twice over the last 5 years. I am planning to visit her again but I have lost her email. I have been trying to search for her contract but unable to locate. I am wondering if you can share her email with me again? I’d highly appreciate it if you can. My email is


      1. Hi healingpilgrim,
        would you send me the contact info of the lady (D) also please? I am in Ubud now and need to see her before leaving.
        Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Healingpilgrim,

    Thanks also for the article. I am in Ubud for the month of April and was recommended to meet D as well but cannot find her contact information. If you could share her email with me that would be much appreciated. Thank you very much and many blessings!


  5. Hi Healingpilgrim,

    Also, thank you for your article! I am in Ubud for the month of April was recommended to meet D as well but am unable to find her contact information anywhere. Could you share her email with me as well? I would love to meet her.

    Thanks very much and many blessings!

  6. Hi,
    I am in Bali would love to meet her. My grandmother used to have healing powers that I would like to connect to – I would love to learn from her and my body needs healing as well.

    I hope you see this message as this article was published a long time ago.


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