Wings of Time

Yesterday morning, on my way to the pool, I walked through the forest and came to an abrupt stop  when I saw a mesmerizing sight: A large black butterfly fluttered all around me, landing on a leaf a few inches away. It might not have caught my attention if not for its startling beauty – a shade of deep purplish black that glittered with every flap of its wings; and its wingspan – nearly as wide as the leaf was long, perhaps 8 inches across. It breathed and steadily flapped its wings for nearly one minute, unhindered by my presence. I merely stood and gazed at the wonder. As if we were engaged in silent dialogue.

Yesterday also marked exactly two and a half years since the day of my accident. Here I was – walking, swimming, then heading to a late morning yoga class. I was miles ahead in my recovery from where I’d been 2 years ago, even last year. I still have a way to go; but I never lose sight of my luck and of my angels that continue to circle around me, day after day, time after time.

Earlier this evening, while waiting for Alexsandra to join me for movement meditation at White Lotus, the day not quite turning to dusk, I glanced up at the sky and saw a kite I’d never seen before (in this town of a thousand or more kites): An angel’s wings fluttering in the wind.

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