The Day(s) After

Apropo my posting yesterday, inquiring minds may want to know:  How did I manage to sit in a car for so long?

An ounce of prevention helps, but only to some degree; from the moment I awakened, knowing what lay ahead, I began to pop pain relievers, then and periodically throughout the day (ok only 3 in total, I think). But even meds only go so far, they merely muffle but never completely eliminate the pressure that sinks heavily into my buttocks and lower back. As I wrote to my osteopath recently, where did my sitzbone go? Gone, flattened or otherwise misplaced.

Proactive steps can be taken but adjustments must also be made: So I propped myself on my pillow in the back seat, tossing and turning, squirming this way and that. I reclined when I could, then lay almost horizontally at one point – but, with the conditions of the roads as they are, the nausea factor put an end to that pretty quickly. Thankfully, we stopped frequently, so I moved about and stretched whenever possible. I ate on my feet (except once) and meditated while walking.

Surely it can be done. But there’s a price to pay, and I’ve been paying for it…

With nightfall, the soreness crept up, the right side of my sacrum craving attention for a change. I managed to breathe and stretch through a few bouts of pain through the night, then was greeted with a shot of piercing nerve pain during yoga class the following morning.

Thus the inevitable question arises: was it worth it? During the worst of it, I swore off inessential travel on my butt. But those moments of heaviness and sorrow fade as they must, so: No regrets, life must still be lived, beauty must still be seen and nature simply demands exploration and appreciation.

Nobody promised me a rosy pain-free path towards to healing & total recovery.

I can do without sitting; without tables, desks and vehicles when possible, but all the rest? No way. I will do whatever it takes to capture and breathe in the world’s delicacies as long and wherever I possibly can.

Carpe diem.

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