Cabin Fever in the Tropics

Is it even possible to get cabin fever when you’re living in the tropics? Doesn’t the term imply sub-arctic temperatures, frost on the windows, a chill in the spine, chicken soup and a runny nose? OK, maybe another version would entail two weeks straight of studying for exams. But really, with plenty of sunlight and not even the slightest pangs of claustrophobia, cabin fever in the tropics sounds like an endangered species: Who gets that?!

Well, I did, after spending the past week almost exclusively holed up in my second-floor suite. I shouldn’t complain, because my body obviously needed to release some energy, needed more rest, and needed to be pampered. And though my pains didn’t quite take a holiday, there’s something immensely satisfying about having an excuse to stay in bed… it relieves the pain like nothing else. And sometimes, when you have little choice but to stay put, you just need to let it go, give it up, do whatever it takes to just be.

What a precious gift it was to stay put, in some ways, because the sheer breadth of beauty in my immediate surroundings came alive in all its glory; and did so simply because I was wise enough to listen to my body. I came to appreciate my spacious and comfortable terrace even more; witnessed the joy of simple living among the family at their compound; and more closely observed nature and its creatures, great and small.

… and really, what better way to heal – from illness or injury – than being greeted each morning with sights and fragrances such as these…

Ahhh…. beauty that ignites the soul.

If only I could post the smell to my blog too 🙂


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