My (Therapeutically-Bracketed) Day

It was a full-body scan, holistically therapeutic kind of day. Literally. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head.

I awoke to a left foot that looked pretty good on the outside; but with innards that felt grossly twisted, sticky chunks of gnarly, connective tissue enmeshed like vines tangled up amongst themselves. The remedy was clear, and how fortunate I was that massage therapy was first up on the day’s agenda.

Pascale dug right in, employing her oft-used mode of distracting me from the pain that she (unintentionally) inflicts up and down my left leg; recounting anecdotes about her daughter and husband, engaging me in conversation about books, film, dance and travel. It’s a sneaky – but perfectly effective – way of deflecting my resistance as she meanders up and down my left leg.

Next up: A dental detour. In other words, directing myself – at a nearly panic-stricken state – to a second dentist for a second opinion on a pretty radical (and radically expensive) procedure that I had great difficulty deciding whether or not to agree to. Thank heavens for the verdict I received this afternoon; no need to rush, he said; it doesn’t seem urgent at all, so why not wait and see if it doesn’t resolve itself with more healing time. Amen to cautious but conservative dental surgeons.

Bridge over semi-frozen water

And then (deep breath everyone), I crossed a long bridge – no! not on bicycle! – for a Reiki share on the south shore. I’d been to Eric’s home before, so I knew to expect a drool-filled welcome from Hunter (the husky) and a wave of heat from the fireplace. A cup of tea and oatmeal cookie warmed me up inside before we headed to the basement with the self-heating (I kid you not!) massage table in tow. Ok, you have to plug it in, but can you imagine anything more inviting than lying on a toasty table for a massage, or Reiki?! The tea was good, really good; but the warmth of Eric’s hands on my shoulders and back, seeping into my body… well, that really did the trick.

The day’s healing ‘bookend’ occurred in the evening: more therapy, but not for my foot, nor my mouth or back. Rather, for my soul and psyche. I let loose, the laundry list of current stress factors spilling out at a hare’s pace. Might as well unleash it all here, I figured. Call it catharsis, or an honesty borne of all the releases that had accumulated over the course of the day.

I am finally, officially, unequivocally, wiped out. Exhausted. Fatigued. Shaken up. Body, heart, mind and soul. And yet, there’s a little spirit nudging at me, assuring me that there’s more to come, more to unleash, more to let bloom. Ahhh… let’s see.

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