Google Exposed

Take a look at Google’s logo on its homepage today, celebrating the 115th anniversary of the first xray. Here it is:

The innards of Google

A German professor, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, apparently discovered X-rays while investigating a problem related to radiation. He then published a paper in which he referred to the unknown (hence “X”) type of radiation images he had observed. Soon after, Röntgen did an x-ray of his wife’s hand – clearly showing her bones and wedding ring. What a revolutionary stumble!

What I like most about the playful logo, however, is the small “g”: notice how the bones appear to be curved in the shape of the letter; in the most absurdly, impossibly, unrealistic way imaginable. They are rounded, and – wait! is that a bird?! Is that other fuzzy shape a rubber ducky?!

Oh, were it so… Wouldn’t it be nice to have bones that shifted and shaped themselves into the forms – albeit rigid enough to support our corporeal structures – that most suited our bodies; that ensured a more malleable progression for our bodies as we age – rather than the rigidity that, at times, has us on our knees? Might we also not heal better if our bones were more elastic?

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